Buying a home can be an exciting time in your life!

Because we don’t want to bore you with the many things you will need- we will keep this as short and simple as possible. We have made the process for finding your home just seven easy steps.

After you have made the decision that now is the time to buy…

  1. Hire an Agent:

    Why? Because our agents are available free to you- we get paid by the seller when the property closes.

  2. Financing:

    There is no need to start looking for homes until you know how you are going to pay for it. Maybe you have a rich parent that wants to buy you a home for cash or maybe you have saved enough on your own… However for most of us- the next logical step is to secure financing thru a reputable lender that you can trust.

  3. Search for Your Home:

    Before you begin the fun part of looking at all the homes in the area- Have an honest conversation and think about where you want to live… how large of a home? What special details are you looking for in your home?

  4. Make an Offer:

    You have found the perfect home, now onto the legal hassle of convincing the seller to make it your own! No worries, your Benham agent will walk you thru this process every step of the way

  5. Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together:

    Your offer was accepted and now we continue on our journey of making this house your home! The process of going from contract to actual closing is like putting the pieces of the puzzle together- now at times it may feel like one of those 20,000 piece monster puzzles – but no worries because your experienced Benham agent is still with you on your journey and is working on your behalf! This is where you will discover the true value of having an experienced Benham agent manage the transaction. Your Benham agent will coordinate inspections, appraisels, surveys, contractors, repairs, final walk-thrus, insurance – our job is make this easier for you in the process.

  6. Closing!

    Ahhh, this journey is over and a new life in your new home will begin!